“Want everybody know about the taste of the freshly baked rusk”
RUSCO Lumine Kita-Senchu Store Store manager: Matsuo


It is a waste for you on thinking the rusk is a pastry that can last long. The taste and flavor of the butter is the key to the “Yummy Rusk”, but, what make the flavor ultimate is the moment of the “freshly bake”. The flavor of the butter will be losing as time goes by and therefore, it is a must for “freshly bake”.

In order for the customer to know and understand the tastiness of the luxury flavor of the “freshly bake”, we set up an oven in our shop and bake in front of our customers.

Anyhow, the freshly baked texture is light!

The sound of the crunchiness of the light texture is different from those that it has been place for some time.

Once again, there is the sound of the rusks clashing each other when taking it out from the steel plate and the sound is light. That’s the sound that you only hear at the shop and please do drop by our store to listen to it.