Mr Harada

“Be particular on the texture”

Mr. Harada, employee of France Bread Baking Class


“Not too hard”, but with the sense of crunchiness, that’s “Crunchy”‘s rusk.

I aimed at such ultimate rusk which was not possible.

There is various type of rusk and different type of texture and what RUSCO is aiming, is the basic of all “French Loaf’s Rusk”. Why is it? This is simply because we have confidence in baking.

We have been baking bread for over the 78 years and we are very particular when making nice bread. And that is how we invented the best texture of the French loaf which we used to make the rusk. We are using the flour from Hokkaido and make the dough with time and European style mixer. Bake the French loaf one by one. But, it will not taste good before it becomes the rusk. The most important point is the second toast that will be taking over at the shop and the taste and texture will be supreme. You are wrong when you think if you make good French loaf and eventually you’ll good rusk. What we are looking at is the tastiness of the rusk and not the French loaf.

The only one in the world- French loaf that for the sake of rusk! Please enjoy the texture of the rusk that we are particular at!