“Both tastiness and trendiness are also the main character of the rusk!”

Rusco Supervisor Horino


Do you the know the origin of the “Rusk”?

It started by using the leftover of the bread to toast it for the second time and make it as snacks. Therefore, it always project with “light” image.

But, our rusk is a splendid sweets as we are very particular in the material and making process. Therefore, RUSCO’s rusks are being made as if like a princess.

The visual enjoyment on the stylish colourful rusk is being made by the ingredient that being chosen one by one and the leverage out the taste and color. The refreshing pink of Raspberry, and the adults’ purple of Blueberry are all made by the concentrated material’s color. In addition, we are using the chocolate from Belgium and we also using the chocolate into our French loaf. Black sesame is as for sesame bread, and Raspberry is made from the raspberry bread; and there’s where we are particular on the color of each rusk.

In order to shine out the RUSCO’s rusk more, we emphasized on the main characters of “tastiness” and “stylish”.