• Earl Grey
  • Sweet Green Tea
  • Chocolate dip
  • Berry Berry

Each for RM 18

Though is with light texture, it has deep and rich taste spread through to your mouth. Please enjoy the “luxury of a bite”.

Earl Grey

RM 18

Before putting into your mouth, the rich aroma of the Tea can be smelled. Mix the tea oil into the butter and we used heaps of Earl Grey tea leaves. The luxury and vogue of the rusk is the taste for adult.

Sweet Green Tea

RM 18

The gently green colour rusk. Coated with the Uji Matcha Powder on the bread that made from matcha. The astringency of the matcha and the essence of the butter have brought out the sweetness of an adult’s taste.

Chocolate Dip

RM 18

Spread with loads of butter on the chocolate bread and coat it with the thick milk chocolate. It might look hard, but actually you will be surprised with the light texture in it. This is the rusk that has the deep taste of the chocolate and has the adult brown style.

Berry Berry

RM 18

Because it is using raspberry powder sumptuously that a sweet-sour scent spreads to the limit of a mouth.
To butter, the concentration juice of the blueberry kneads and is full secretly, and it can be enjoyed the deeper taste to it.