It is made by one row by one row by our bakers.
The secret combination of producing the best texture of the rusk.


Best combination of butter and bread and this is the standard rusk. Gently smell of the honey.

Sweet Chocolate

Spread the chocolate butter on to the chocolate bread and topped with the high quality Belgium chocolate rusk. You’ll taste the extravagant chocolate taste.


The fragrant of the raspberry spread throughout in the mouth. The rusk looks tasty just by the color of the raspberry color itself.

Green Tea

The vivid green is the green of the Kawane Green Tea. Add the astringency green tea into the butter and it enhances the taste of the rusk.

Black Sesame

The aromatic black sesame is the flavor of an adult. The pleasure texture is born by adding the sesame paste onto the bread.


You are able to taste the luxury taste of the juicy blueberry. The acidity from the fruit and mellowness from the butter are the perfect combination.

Caramel Almond

Caramel makes the mellow, rich taste type of rusk and the rusk even has more accent when you topped with the aromatic almond.

Valencia Orange

You can taste the fruitiness in your mouth. The orange peel refreshes the taste.