The Best and The Only… RUSCO

Yataro has established for over 80 years and we still prefer the traditional way of baking. Although the process is not the simplest but we believe it is still the best. RUSCO is one of our premium brand that launched few years ago.

The tastiness of RUSCO is originated from our unique baking method of baguettes.

We have strong preference in making baguettes in order to provide highest RUSCO experience for our beloved customer. We spend time in making the dough by using the wheat flour from Hokkaido and mix it by using the European style small size mixer. Then, spread the delegated dough by hand follows by the first baking process. By only doing this, the rusk is still not considered done yet as the tastiness only comes after the second oven baked. The texture of the crunchiness and crumbles are made from the preferred ingredients, unique producing method and hand-made. Like our Raspberry Rusk, we are using fresh raspberry to blend as the color of the rusk. Upon completion, we mix the raspberry blend into the dough while making baguettes so that the natural raspberry color is in the bread. You would feel the aroma of raspberry every time you bite on it.

Besides, we also want to brighten your eyes with the vivid color of RUSCO as we are aiming not only on the tastiness but also fun to look at.

The tastiness of RUSCO is from the finest ingredients. We invite you to come and enjoy the crispiness and sweetness of RUSCO!