RUSCO, made in Malaysia

YTG (YATARO GROUP) News Article June 2013

[“RUSCO” , made in Malaysia]

From 7 to 16 of May, Mr.Nakamura , Mr.Harada and Mr.Terada visited KL in Malaysia..

Mr.Nakamura explained their purpose of this visit as follows;

“Mr Foo San and Mr. Fun San, Malaysian enterpriser, visited our RUSCO shop in Yuraku-cho last year .And they gave their proposal of Joint Venture business with Yataro.”

“We already established our Joint Venture Company [Yataro (M) Sdn. Bhd], and also plan to open our first shop.”

“We visited our OEM factory to guide how to produce our RUSCO, and also we visited the Pavilion , the place we will open our first shop, locates the center of KL.

I feel great opportunity for our RUSCO, and the time I realize the importance hoe we get Malaysia peoples’ heart.”

Mr.Harada , he is in charge to guide local staff this time, said ,”at first, we put first importance on producing the same quality , taste and texture, as our original RUSCO.”

“We have big problem about ingredients, because in Malaysia, we can not use the materials obtained pork and alcohol. We try an try. Then we can succeed to solve this problem and to produce Malaysia RUSCO . And our OEM already can produce it without my help.”

Mr,Harada expressed his impressions, “I can review Japan from outside. The technology producing breads and quality of breads in Malaysia is the same as ours in Japan. However, I recognize our high skill again.”

Mr,Terada said, “ now quite high percentage of young generation or businessman in Japan do not have strong passion to go abroad . But if we get chance, we must take this chance to acquire something.”

“I feel very strong lively passion and eagerness for their own jobs in Malaysia people. Maybe, most of Japanese loose this positive mind. We must take our own responsibility to get some new information and business.”

At last, we, Yataro Group, always must be challenger and learn from other.

Step forward to get our great growth.

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